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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Reversion Conjecture

Reversion Conjecture

Conjecture for reversion of language


Conjecture for reversion of language
14/10/2013 11:21
Conjecture for reversion of language
Language has a standstill point in itself.

This conjecture’s intuition is prepared at the paper, Reversion Theory 2004 at Sekinan Research Field of Language.
This conjecture’s mathematical basis is given by Kato conjecture 1986. The conjecture is said to be given cohomological Hasse principle at unramified number theory.

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Reversion Theory 2004
14/10/2013 11:10
Kato conjecture 1986 
13/10/2013 23:07
K. KATO, 1986 
12/10/2013 19:52
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