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Monday, 5 January 2015

Distance Theory Algebraically Supplemented Brane Simplified Model 2 Distance Direct Succession of Distance Theory / October 26, 2007

Distance Theory Algebraically Supplemented
Brane Simplified Model <Continuation of Escalator Language Theory>

Direct Succession of Distance Theory


Metric model of 5-dimensional spacetime is expressed below from Randall and Sundrum (1999). <RS model>
ds= e2U(y)ηmndxmdxn + dy2
Branes exist at = 0 and y = d.
Our world is regarded as brane y = 0.
U(y) is called <warp factor>.
Using <orientifold> of circle ( radius R )’s identification, y is expressed by <line segment> that scales from 0 to ±πR.   
Distance is defined in <line segment>.
According to <line segment>, <warp factor> of <RS model> is measured in bulk spacetime of 5 dimensional Anti-deSitter space.
Distance in <line segment> is expressed from <= –πR> to <y = 0> and from <y = 0> to <= +πR>.
Now “from <= –πR> to <y = 0>” is called <minus side> and “from <y = 0> to <= +πR>” is called <plus side>.
Values of <warp factor> are same at <minus side> and <plus side>.
In <Distance Theory Algebraically Supplemented> (abbreviation; DTAS), word is regarded by <warp factor>’s value.

Word has distance at <minus side> and <plus side>.
Now distance at <plus side> is called distance of <real language> and distance at <minus side> is called distance of <mirror language>.

<Quantum Theory for Language Map>
2.1.3 Distance Theory
2.1.4 Reversion Theory
2.2.1 Prague Theory
2.3  Warp Theory
2.4  Time Theory
4.3.1 Guarantee of Language
4.3.2 Place where Quantum of Language Exists
4.3.3 Actual Language and Imaginary Language
4.5.1 Mirror Language
4.5.2 Mirror Theory
[AT11] Distance and Time  Language Multi-Time Conjecture 3  5th Time for KARCEVSKIJ
<Aurora Time Theory>
[ATT3] Enlarged Distance Theory
<Algebraic Linguistics Linguistic Result>
Deep Fissure between Word and Sentence
From Cut and Glue Dimension to Krull Dimension  8th For KARCEVSKIJ Sergej

Tokyo October 26, 2007
Sekinan Research Field of Language

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